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Sale shopping!

It has to be said that you either love sale shopping or hate it, and happily I am one of the ones of love it!

I honestly just love the feeling of getting things for cheaper than they are supposed to be, I don't even know why but it just makes me feel happy :D

So if you aren't the biggest fan of sale shopping but still need an outfit for a certain event or just need some new clothes here are some rules that I have come up with to help you survive the sales........

1- Know what you are getting!- if you are buying something for a specific day know what you are going to wear to an extent, this will make it a lot easier when trying to find the perfect outfit in the cluttered rails trust me!

2- Do in online!- It has to be said that even me a person who loves sale shopping does a lot of it online now, its just quick, its easy, it means that there are no elbow wars and you can do it while sitting on the sofa watching films in you pyjamas while eating chocolate it cant be much easier can it?

3- Prepare yourself!- If you do decide to go shopping in stores be ready! know what stores you want to go in, who you want to buy for, what you want to buy and get you purse ready the night before so you don't forget the vouchers!!!!

4- Don't wait!- If you see something you like get it!!!! don't wait and think about it because chances are that you will end up deciding you want it, go back to get it and they have run out of your size, trust me its the worst thing and I am still trying to learn from my mistakes of this!!! But just get the item and even if you do decide that you don't like it you can return it !

I hope that these few rules have helped you in some way :D

Let me know how you got on in the comments! 

Adios!!!!! Xxxxxxxx

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