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The last few days of my beauty advent calendar+all 24!!!!!


So I know this post is probably a little late but I wanted to make it right :)

After being behind on my beauty advent calendar posts even though I uploaded most of them but them still seem to not to appear for some aggravating reason! so instead of trying to catch up I decided that I would just do a conclusion of all 24 products :)

So I hope you all had amazing Christmas's filled with love and joy :)

I honestly cant believe how fast time has gone since the start of December when I received my first beauty advent calendar and decided on posting everything on here, it just feels like 2 minutes ago in my opinion.....

So here it is!!!!! All 24 products from my beauty advent calendar 2013-
From left to right-
1-Soap and glory, Clean Girls Body Wash
2-Balmi Lip balm
3-Mavala nail varnish-purediamond
4-Nina l'eau by Nina Ricci
5-Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation
6-Vichy Idealia Life serum
7-Black XS L'EXCES by Paco Robanne
8-Hairband by Umberto Giannini
9-Seventeen Nail Varnish-Miami
10-Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
11-Ghost 'the fragrance' eau de toilette
12-Nail Shine Solution
13-Vichy liftactive serum
14-Ghost fragrance
15-Seventeen Tattoo me liquid eyelinear
16-Nail file
17-Soap and glory body
18-Couture lala- by juicy couture
19-Mavala nail varnish
20-Hair revitalizing spray
21-Nails inc, nail polish
22-Umberto Giannini Backcomb spray
23-Carmex lip balm
24-Seventeen 'blow out' mascara

Favourite product-This one I found really hard and it was a tie up between the balmi lip balm, the mavala pure diamond and the seventeen Blow out mascara, but in the end I decided to choose my favourite product as the balmi lip balm!!!!!
Least favourite product- I would probably just have to say the nail file just because I don't think that it is as good as any of the other products
Biggest let-down- I would defiantly have to say that this product would have to be the calmex lip balm, and the only reason being because everyone seems to think that it is amazing and so good and the best lip balm ever! when in actually fact I didn't enjoy using that much I just thought that it was a standard lip balm with nothing special unlike my views on the balmi lip balm!!!!!

Adios!!!! see you in the next post!!!!!

I hope that you all have an amazing start to 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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