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50 facts about me!

So I have hit quite a number of views now which I am so thankful for you all for!!!! and I guess the other day I was just thinking that you don't actually know that much about me as a person at all, so I decided to do a 50 facts about me post, so you can find out a little bit more about me :) and it would
be great if you also wanted to put a few facts about yourself in the comments :)

1-My name is Charlotte
2-I am 15 years young ;)
3-I was born on the 18th of April in 1998
4-I have a Saturday job which I love doing !
5-My favourite colour is pink
6-I am pretty much obsessed with One Direction
7-I have also been to 2 one direction concerts and am going to another one this year!!!
8-When it was my 13th birthday, Peter Andre tweeted me to say happy birthday :) and followed me
9-I am completely obsessed with instagram (links will be at end of post)
10-I absolutely LOVE shopping and it always puts me in a better mood
11-But I am rubbish at saving money!
12-I love to style outfits together
13-I would love to be able to work for a fashion magazine in the future
14-I have an obsession with buying pyjamas (especially shorts)
15-I have an obsession with buying nail varnish as well
16- I get cold very quickly
17-I love to travel
18-I am extremely clumsy
19-I am in love with Disney
20-I love Sundays when I just sit on the sofa, write a blog post and watch a Disney film
21-I love LUSH especially their bath bombs
22-I love to post on my blog and see my views go up
23-I would find it extremely hard to live without my phone
24-I love to spend time with my family and friends
25-I love anything rose gold
26-Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of year
27-I love buying Christmas presents for my family and friends
28-I honestly don't know what I would do without my mum, she is amazing!
29-I have 3 younger sibling-2 sisters and one brother
30-I am a very emotional person but hate crying
31-I would see myself as a happy person and optimistic
32-January is my least favourite month
33-I have been skiing twice and I love it!
34-I am completely English but have been told I look Spanish many times
35-I wish I was half Spanish or Italian
36-I love the sun
37-Summer is my favourite time of year
38-Cold weather puts me in a bad mood
39-I always wear bracelets
40-I love cuddles/hugs
41-I watch rubbish T.V
42-Really wish my hair would grow
43-The orange flavour of any sweet is always the best
44-My favourite chocolate is either chocolate orange or plain dairy milk
45-I love American food (LUCKY CHARMS and MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!)
46-I feel like a lucky person with my life
47-I hate the thought of anyone judging me if they don't know me
48- I love fashion!!!!!!!
49-I have many fears but never tell anyone because I am scared they will use them against me
50-I love all my blog viewers!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post :)
I was thinking about doing a spring haul or look book what would you prefer? comment below!

Feel free to comment below and on my instagram posts I love to know what you think :) xxxxxx

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