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A day trip in London

Helloo :)

So on the 18th of April it was my 16th Birthday!!!! YAY!!!!!

So for my 16th my mum wanted to do something for me but I wasn't interested in a party or anything like that so together we decide that we would have a trip to London together without my brother, sisters and dad so it would be a bit more of a special thing for me :) After we decided to go we invited my friend James and his mum Jo.
When I was being born my mum and dad met Jo and James's dad in the hospital as James was also being born so we were born on the same day and have been friends ever since like a brother-sister relationship I guess you could say :) so we all decided to go together as a nice little treat for both me and James to celebrate both of our birthdays!

We made an early start and took the 40 minute direct train route into kings cross station. I had the most amazing day, we didn't really plan anything to be honest but to just take it as it comes but the one things my mum did plan was for me and her to have the fashionista afternoon tea in the Berkeley hotel but this was to be at the end of the day and while we were doing that James and Jo were going to have a nice drink together in the hotel bar!

So obviously we had to start the day with a tube so this meant getting an escalator both or which me and James didn't realise we had to stand on the right-hand side of it to allow people who wanted to get down quickly to walk/dash by, so the escalator happened to be very full so to say the least we had trouble trying to fit in but it did cause a us a few giggles :) And obviously you cant start the day without a selfie! So to remember the escalator experience we of course had to take a selfie on the it!!!

Once all the escalator incident happened of course we had to do some shopping!!! and by some I mean a lot (oops!) First stop obviously had to be the one and only TOPSHOP!!!!!

Lucky it happened to be a beautiful sunny day, as you can see from the clear skies in the photographs. So as we walked around the shops or changed from tube to tube I took the opportunity to snap a few extra pics!


And what's a day trip without a few 'silly selfies' right???

 So off we went searching around London, in and out of shops and having abit of fun trying on some random hats, when obviously I couldn't go a few hours with out being clumsy so of course my shoe just decides to break, and this is right in the middle of London so for anyone who has been to central London on a sunny day its obvious that its going to be busy and to have a broken shoe is not a good look or idea, so what did I do? Take a picture to show you how I had to walk around half the day of course!!!!
But don't worry after a few hours of trying to find another pair in all the shops I finally found some! But who thought it would be so hard to find a pair of replacement shoes in central London that actually fit! (I'm a size 5 btw so its not like an uncommon size), but I thankfully I found some in the end but until then I just put up with it and made the most out of the day :)
Next we made our way to the Berkley hotel, which can I just state was absolutely stunning!!!! But of course I had to ruin that by being clumsy again, and I did this by trying to jump in with my mum in one of those spinny door things you have, which made the door man quite surprised as they were only tiny and made for one person and not two with shopping bags! So that caused abit of a kafuffle but no doubt a few giggles aswell! 
So after another one of my clumsy incidents we made it inside to have the fashionista afternoon tea and it was absolutely brilliant!!!! I can truly say that it was just beautiful, the staff were lovely and the food just looked and tasted spectacular! So to capture the memories and to show you all I took a few quick pictures :)
As we arrived the table obviously looked lovely as you can tell!

I just thought that this was the nicest cutlery! Is it weird to be in love with it? Oh well when I move into my own house one day this is my dream cutlery!- Nice little fact :)

The Menu-

The menu involved what we were going to be given and who they were designed from and what it represented

The first round; sandwiches and I know that you cant really go wrong with sandwiches but these were truly delicious!
Then for all the tasty treats!-
Also any of the clothes of accessories that they have been designed from that I can find I will put pictures at the end :)

Mother daughter love <3

My gorgeous mummy having a cup of tea!

A little crab salad cone!!! 

My favourite out of them all had to be this little one- Emilia Wickstead's stripped fuschia pink and orange joconde with tropical cream patisserie, blazed with a twirly fruit cone

Victoria Beckham- a graphic geometric cherry and white chocolate mousse shirt

Miu Miu- exotic skin tote bag with chocolate pecan moelleux 

Simone Rocha- pineapple and coconut Savarin shirt dress with a 'wow' lime pink spun sugar

Dsquared-Mini strapless manho bavarois dress with blueberry compote, topped with a hot pink lapshade hat
Karla Colletto- lemon biscuit swimsuit with cherry red icing and pretty rosette-appliqued neckline

A nice little surprise to celebrate my birthday!
And the best part is that you even get a little cute bag full of extras of what was already given to us! So we could enjoy the experience again later!!! Plus aren't the bags the cutest little things??
And of course we couldn't leave the hotel without taking a few pictures outside!!!


 I honestly had the most amazing day! And want to thank my mum and dad for treating me because I wouldn't have been able to do it without them! But I also want to thank Jo and James for making the day extra amazing and for spending a lovely day with us!
And just as a disclaimer- In no way am I bragging about anything, like being able to go to London was amazing enough for me and it was obviously a gift towards my 16th Birthday and it wasn't what I had asked for but was that my mum wanted to do for me :)
What the treats were designed from-



5.)-The model who is in the middle right-Yellow dress and pink lampshade hat

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