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My Prom- Year 11 leavers 2014

Hi!!! So this year I have finished my GCSE'S and so therefore year 11 which is also the year of my prom!!!! Its the day you dream about from a young age wondering what kind of dress I would have, what colour it would be and how I would do my hair, but the day finally came! And sadly now it is over :( and I can definitely say that it went by wayyyyyyy to fast!!! Its seems as if I had been planning everything for the day for about a year and now its just over but on the brighter side; it couldn't have been better!!! And I loved every single moment and if I could I would do it all again without even a second thought! But I thought that some of you might be interested with what I wore and things like that so I thought I would add a few pictures for you :)

Please leaves comments below telling me what you think :) xxxxx

Makeup-I decided that I wanted my makeup to be very light and simple as you will be able to see in the photos, so I had a few individual lashes put on in a salon but the eyelure ones would be a good comparison
 I also just used a bit on collection concealer in shade 3-medium
Rimmel London 'Stay Matte' powder in shade 006- warm beige
the 'Rockateur' blusher from Benefit
Seventeen's 'Instant Glow' bronzer in shade 'medium bronze'
Naked 3 palette- 'Burnout' all over eyelid, 'Buz' in the crease and towards the outer side of my eye, 'Strange' in the inner corners and 'Dust' lightly used all over and too blend
And lastly Soap and Glorys 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lip gloss in shade 'Candy Gloss' 

My hair was done with two loose French plaits from the front of my head going to the back on either side into a pretty bun of curled hair with a little bit of my hair back combed at the top of my head and a few curls left at the front of my face to frame it.

My dress was my a navy blue full length and high neck one, as you can see from the photos it had cut outs at the front rimmed with diamontes and sequins and at the top of the dress the high neck is a mesh material with a pattern of diamontes and sequins to create a necklace like effect which is carried onto the strap at the back as the back is fully open which I really loved as it was something different.
I really did love my dress and just wanted to keep it on for my whole life but I am just so happy I finally did find a dress and one that I most definitely fell in love with. 

A few photos with my amazing friends!!! I had an excellent with them and I couldn't have asked better people to spend it with! I love them all so much and im so glad that I have such amazing friends to spend my time with! And as you can see in the photos they all looked fabulous!!

A 'funny one' has to be taken at most occasions!



I had such an amazing night with some amazing people and I just want to thank my friends for being my friends because I wouldn't want anyone else and thankyou for being there for me and sharing and making so many memories with me these past few years and I just hope that their will be loads more to come!
Also not all of the photos on here are mine as some are my friends as we swapped them all so I don't want to take all of the credit!
Thankyou :)
Adios!!!! Please feel free to leave a comment below and have a look at all of my social media links :) xxxx
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