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Top 3 favourite summer shoes


So currently I am on holiday in Tenerife but wanted to make sure there was a quick blog post I could upload for you when I was away.

Also the pictures in this particular blog post aren't the best because I had to take them on my iphone because I managed to break my camera so I'm sorry about that!
But I hope you like this little quick post anyway just showing you my top 3 shoe picks for summer!

Number 1- My Ted Baker pumps

 I absolutely LOVE the colour of these as they are a bright coral/pink colour, and they have a cute little bow on the front with a gold plate.

These look lovely with white jeans and can be worn to add some colour to a basic outfit :)

Number 2- My basic white converse 

I would say that quite a lot of people seem to have converse and I definatly see why! They literally go with anything!!!! And what I think is the best thing about them is that they dress down any outfit so if you buy a nice play suit but have never special to wear it to you can just wear it as a casual outfit as soon as you slip on a pair of these and because they are white they literally will go with anything you want them to.

I also think that the white converse look different on every person as some people prefer them quite scruffy whereas some people like them to be like they have only just been brought and not a smudge on them which is personally how I like to wear them, not that you can see from these pictures as these are my sisters pair. But I think it's nice that you can make this shoe suit the style you wear and not you trying to suit the shoe

Number 3- My rose coloured metallic, snake skin look sandals

I absolutely love these shoes! And have had so many compliments on them saying how lovely they are and where they could purchase them (river island if you were wondering)- however I have to say that these are my second pair and these ones have now broken since taken this photo so it is obvious that they aren't the sturdiest and most reliable, but they are pretty so if you were to purchase these I would definatly recommend being careful and not to use them in a place where you don't have access to buying another pair of shoes if they break

However I particularly love the colour of these as they are a few shades pinker than your usual rose gold and I love it with the snake skin effect even though I have never had anything with this kind of look because I have never been a fan of it but I do love these and they are super comfy!!!

So that's it! I hope you liked this quick little post, I will leave my social media links below and links to where you can buy any of the shoes if I can find them.

Also please leave a comment below telling me your favourite summer shoes and why and what you think to mine :)

And as I am on holiday I am still working on more blog posts at the same time of trying to work out what is wrong and how to fix my camera, so look out for some more posts coming!!

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If you were wondering where to buy any 3 of the shoes-
1-Ted Baker pumps- advert on the side ----->
2-White converse- advert for schuh on the side -------->
3-Pink gold sandals- river island

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