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Chocolate orange and malteser christmas pudding

Hi! So we are now well into the festive season which may I say is definitely one of my favourite times of the year!!! I just love everything about Christmas, the parties, friends, family, food and decorations!
This meant that of course I was going to do a season blog post treat!
I decided to do the chocolate orange and malteser Christmas pudding and it was absolutely delicious!!

Here are the ingredients you will need to make one of these gorgeous things!-
-A Chocolate orange
-Bar of milk chocolate
-Bar of white chocolate
-Red fondant icing
-Green fondant icing


1.)Place the chocolate orange in a cup so it balances and doesn't fall through, also melt the bar of chocolate in the microwave of over boiling water in a pan.

2.) Dip the edge of a malteser into the
 melted chocolate and place onto the chocolate orange (I tended to do a dew then place it into the fridge so the wouldn't fall and could turn the chocolate orange around)

3.) Melt the white chocolate and drizzle over the top of the ball while making cut outs of the leaves and berries (hopefully better than I did!)

4.) Place the icing on the white chocolate before it cools and the then place in the fridge to properly set- Remove from the fridge a while before serving so it isn't too hard.

I hope you enjoy making this festive treat! Let me know what you think to them and send me photos of how yours turned out!!

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Thankyou! Have an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

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