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What I recieved for christmas 2014


I hope you all had a magical Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year and start of 2015!

This time last year was when I started to actually post on my blog and become more involved with it, but it was also the time when my blog started to grow, around this time last year I did a post showing a few things I had received for Christmas and it seemed to be really popular!

Personally I love reading these kind of blog post or watching YouTube videos where people show what they have received! I really don't want for anyone to think that I am bragging in any way or showing off, because I am really not. I have been extremely luckily with the presents I have received from all of my amazing family and friends but I would have had just as an amazing Christmas if I didn't receive anything. I appreciate everything I receive and I hope that none of you think that I don't. If you a person that doesn't like this kind of post please don't bother reading and commenting on it because you can click of this page right now if you wish because no-one is making you read it :)

Anyway I hope you all had an amazing Christmas spending time with loved ones or just having a fun time!

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So onto the post, these are a few of the amazing things I received from the beautiful bunch of family and friends.................

 One of my presents was this gorgeous metallic cami style top. It is a silver/gun metal grey colour and a length between cropped and full top length on me. I had seen this top before Christmas and my mum knew I had been looking at it. I also wore it the day after boxing day to a Christmassy dinner which I paired with my black jeans. (Photo on my instagram @charley418)

 It seems to be a thing at Christmas for especially women to receive some bath and pamper products, I myself was extremely lucky and received many treats, them ranging from body shop, to soap and glory to lush! Them all smelling amazing!!!


 Most years I do tend to receive about 2 pairs of socks but I think my mum realised I have thrown a few pairs away because this year with a total of 14 pairs they have really bumped up my draw! Most of the socks also had penguins on which in case you didn't guess are my favourite animal! But I am sure my feet won't be cold any time soon!

 I had also received these 3 beautiful gifts from various people. A river island tote bag and clutch bag and a ted baker purse with rose gold detail. I had actually picked out the purse when I was shopping with my mum in April and as it was on sale my mum bought it and put it by until now! I have also been looking for a bag which was quite small but I still wanted it to fit my camera in which is why the tote should be perfect! And this clutch bag is my first black one which I was definitely in need of!
I love all three of these bags/purses and cant wait to start using them and styling them into my outfits for you on this blog!


A gift involving one direction of course had to sneak in somewhere! with the newest album and calendar which I can't wait to put up replacing my 2014 one!

I had been looking around for some nice headphones or earphones but decided on earphones because I sometimes only to listen to it through one ear which I obviously can't do with headphones plus they and smaller and easier to carry around!
I had seen these earphones before Christmas and mentioned them to my mum but didn't dream of getting them!

 They are nude pink and rose gold which I absolutely adore together! They also have a little bag which comes with it and 2 pair set of different size plugs which it think is brilliant because I am quite clumsy and will probably lose the plugs overtime but now I have backup!

There is also a volume control on the wire so you don't have to keep getting out your phone which I think is another handy add-on!

From one of my best friends I received the first 3 series of gossip girl. I haven't actually ever watched this T.V show but have wanted to even though I never got round to it. From some reason my friend thinks that I am going to be obsessed with this show and that it is suited perfectly for me so I'm really happy that I can now sit down and watch it and not have to worry about breaks and adverts! But to also see if I will like it which I'm sure I will!

If you know me well you will probably know that I really like quotes about happiness ect..

So therefore I was thrilled when I opened this board which I can pop onto my wall with the words- Be yourself, be happy, be thankful, everything happens for a reason.
I this is so cute and inspiring for people to be the best they can be but to also not worry if things go wrong or if mistakes are made because eventually even if you don't realise something good will come out of it.


A beauty-related item I received was the naked flushed palette which includes a bronzer, blusher and highlighter, with the naked flushed brush which is designed especially for the palette. I actually didn't realise they did this brush but it looks absolutely amazing with one brush being for the highlighter and the other one being angled and for the bronzer and blusher, which I can't wait to use!

This is a makeup bag and a card holder I had received, I absolutely love both of these as they are both gorgeous. The makeup is a brilliant size especially for travelling as it can fit makeup brushes in but is also really girly and beautiful wish sparkle along the top rim.
The card holder is rose gold which is amazing because it is one of my favourite colours! and is brilliant and I can use it for my bus pass I use to get to my college everyday as well as my student card so I can have quick access to them!

Chocolate!!! everyone loves to receive this my favourite being chocolate orange and dairy milk!


 The two books at the top I had actually asked for as I have been looking at them for quite some time. The one on the left is brilliant to be left out and for guests to flick though and me as it shows things mainly to do with adventures ect. but which I think is good is that it has 5 chapters for things you can do in an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year!
And of course a diary! to help me get sorted and organized for 2015! although I am not sure how long it will last!

 This present was a complete surprise and I was so overwhelmed that I actually cried when I received it!
It is in fact the IPhone 5C in the pink/coral colour! which is the absolute perfect colour for me!

I was so so so happy with this gift and it was so unexpected! But I absolutely love it and haven't stopped using it!

If you were looking into buying an IPhone I would 100% recommend this one!
It is really light as well as being such a lovely size with it being quite slim!

One of my auntie's obviously knew I would be receiving this for Christmas so decided to buy me two new iPhone cases! which I definitely needed because of the amount of times I know I will drop it with my clumsiness!

My favourite of the two cases was a rose gold one which rimmed the edge of the phone covering it in diamantes, I think it looks brilliant with the colour of my phone as they really complement each other!

I just wanted to say another massive thank you for all of my amazing family and friends who bought me such beautiful gifts!

Feel free to leave a comment below telling me about anything you received and I hope you all have an amazing start to 2015!!


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