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Purchases from New York!

Helloo! :)

I hope you all had an amazing new year and a good start to 2015 in January :)

As some of you may know from my instagram (@charley418) before Christmas I went on holiday with my family to New York for a week!
I was extremely lucky to go and had the time of my life never wanting it to end!
I hadn't been to the city before but have been to different parts of America before which I absolutely love and now just want to explore the country even more!

I just wanted to say thankyou to my mum and dad for taking me and my family because it was completely amazing and an experience I will never forget!

It has been for a few years that my family have been thinking about going or going to Florida so I had been saving up my money for quite some time to spend all of the money I have earned myself on all the amazing goodies I picked up here!

I hope you like this post and please comment and share :)
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So here are a few of the amazing things I bought!!-

This was actually the first item I had bought and it was in the airport which  I know doesn't count as buying it in New York but I thought I would include it anyway!
It is a Jack Wills backpack which is navy with white un-even circles on it and tanned leather base. It has a main pocket where I store most of my items in but also a little pocket on the front which is good for things I need to get to fast like my phone. Its a lovely quality and can tell it will last along time and goes with most outfits as well as being a perfect size!

So when I was actually in New York I noticed how much cheaper converse were! So I bought the pair in the photo which are navy and the same style in black!
I love converse because they are so comfy but I also wear them with everything from jeans to dresses so I had to buy a couple of pairs!

When I was there I fell in love with the shop Macys! Just because they had everything and all of the Christmas decorations were so beautiful!
When I was in there and looking around I came across these Marc Jacobs hairbands/ bracelets!
I have had a pair of similar ones before from juicy couture but absolutely loved these!
As I always like to have a hairband on my wrist but sometimes they don't look very nice but these do because they look like bracelets so they are perfect!

When I was there I didn't actually buy many clothes but I did buy hoodies from both Superdry and Abercrombie and Fitch and a denim shirt from Superdry!
All of which are extremely soft and I just love wearing!

I seemed to go a little bit crazy in Victoria Secret but everything looked so nice! All of the fragrances smelt amazing and the underwear was so pretty! Along with the packaging of all the products! So this was definitely my favourite shop that I could spend hours in and makes me really want to go to the one in London!

I absolutely LOVE lucky charms! But they do seem to be really expensive in the UK so of course I had to pick some up while I was there!
I did also bring home some mountain dew and birthday cake M&M's and pretzel ones but I have already eaten them all wishing I had more!

When I was at the airport there on my way some I had some money left and have been wanting to repurchase this product for quite some time so I bought the MAC mineralize skinfinish in the tone Medium Deep which I actually use as a bronzer!
One of the best things I bought in New York was definitely this rose gold glittered Kate Spade purse.
I had heard about this purse last year and wanted it so badly but couldn't find it anywhere online because everywhere had sold out in the UK. But somehow I just came across it when I was in New York and was just so happy because last year I was so gutted I couldn't get it. But it is so beautiful with a space for coins, notes and cards and is a lovely size!


I have heard a lot about the EOS balms and the bath and body works hand sanitizers but you can't really get them in the UK and if you can they end up being really expensive! So when I was in New York of course I had to pick some up and they are all absolutely amazing and I just hope I can go back one day so I can stock up again!

I couldn't go to New York and not be a proper tourist by not buying a 'I Heart NY' top could I? So of course I bought one and love it! Even though it does constantly remind me that I want to go back!

The last thing I wanted to show you was a special treat for myself as I had been saving up so long and worked hard for the money I decided to spoil myself on a Tiffany's bracelet!
I went for a really small and dainty one which will go perfect with anything and I just absolutely love it!

I hope you liked this post and seeing some of the things I had bought when I visited New York!
I am also going to be putting up a post about my whole trip and what I did ect.. but is taking some time to edit as I took so many photographs but be sure to look out for that!

Thankyou!! xxxxxxxxxxx

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