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Bohemia is a new cafe that has just opened in the town where I live, I have heard nothing but good reviews about the new opening and they have all be proven true.

The place is full of amazing warming decor allowing the room to be very cozy and friendly, it has a very rustic vibe which I love and couldn't resist taking pictures of to share here on my blog and to instagram!! The place is quite small with not too many tables allowing it not to become crowded but instead quite relaxing as by not too many people being around it doesn't feel busy and overwhelming. The staff were all so lovely and friendly, making me feel really comfortable and welcomed. The service from the staff wasn't just very pleasant but also very fast.
The food in particular was so delicious and tasted even better than it looked!! It was all cooked fresh which was something I particularly noticed and liked as it made the food taste even nicer!

I went to go and have lunch on Friday there but they were so busy I unfortunately couldn't get a table! So I went yesterday instead (Monday 27th July) for lunch for my mums birthday. Unfortunately because of the busy weekend the cafe couldn't offer us any of their normal changing menu but there still was their all day breakfast menu available.
Bohemia has two menus which stay the 'Bohemia Bites' and the 'Bohemia World Tapas' showing the cafe's favourites. But they also offer a larger variety on their chalk board which changes every week, showing their specials. On Friday and Saturday evenings they present beautiful cocktails and a larger tapas menu!- Something I definitely want to try!

However on Monday the Bohemia Bites was the only menu available after the busy weekend. But this didn't ruin anything for me as this menu looked great anyway and I even then still struggled with what to pick as everything sounded amazing! In the end however both me and my mum had water and 'The Bohemian' each- Toasted sourdough bread topped with smoked salmon, avocado, spinach and a perfectly cooked poached egg.
The water came in a large bottle held by a cork with strips of cucumber in. Even this made me love the place more as it is those little extra efforts do make a difference instead of just a boring bottle of water with a glass.
When the food came I took a few quick pictures before devouring the yummy dish. It was a lovely and perfectly cooked and presented piece which I couldn't recommend more! And by the end both plates were completely clean.

I can't wait to be able to go back and try a few more of the dishes they offer and see if they are just as tasty as I am sure they will be.

All of there information is on their website including menus :) xx- https://bohemiastneots.com

So if you are around definitely give it a go! And let me know what you think with any pictures as well!!

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