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Burberry Makers House

Last week I was scrolling through my Facebook and came across an event for 'Burberry Makers House' I looked into it, finding out it was showing the Burberry collection as well as presenting techniques of the processes to create the garments. It was also free and very close to the Fashion Retail Academy (Where I am currently studying). So on Monday me and a couple of friends went and along and really enjoyed seeing all of the Burberry heritage and craftsman ship.
I took a couple of images to share if any of you didn't get the chance to go along.

'Following the September 2016 runway event, our new London show venue has become the destination for some of Britain’s finest craft makers as they bring the inspiration behind the new collection to life in unexpected ways. This unique showcase of original works, and the processes involved in their creation, takes shape through a daily changing programme of activities and installations. '

The black modern trench coat

A new unique trim to the traditional trench coat 

Beautiful calligraphy writing

Samples and inspiration

Using a foiling technique to transfer material

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