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San Francisco 2017 USA trip Stop 1

Over the summer I went over to America to be a counsellor at a summer camp and after 2 months apart me and Ant finally reunited in New York to start our month of traveling and adventure together!!
We started by getting on an early flight the next day to San Fransisco which was our first stop.
I am going to write short blog posts for every stop on our journey with pictures but a video will be coming soon and loads more pictures can be found on my instagram- @charley418

We stayed in San Fransisco for 3 nights and I actually would say it was one of my favourite places of the whole trip!!
We stayed a short walk away from fisherman's wharf which we loved and was our favourite part of the area.

Day 1 (13th Aug)-
-Landed in San Fran, checked into our hotel and went straight out as we were both very jet lagged
-Went down to Fisherman's Wharf and took our first look around the shops and beautiful scenery, looking out to the golden gate bridge and alcatraz
-We did a 3 hour round trip walk to the golden gate bridge (not a good idea looking back as it was further than we thought) but when we got to the bridge it was super foggy and we could hardly see anything so we went back to the hotel with our legs and feet aching and feel straight to sleep.

Day 2 (14th Aug)-
-After a good rest we woke up early and went to breakfast in the hotel
-We then had a walk around fisherman's wharf again and Pier 39 watching the Sea Lions and as it was early it wasn't as busy
-We then headed to our booked bike ride tour and hopped on the bikes and went all the way from fisherman's wharf over the bridge to the other side in a beautiful little town called Sausalito. But on the way we stopped plenty of times for photo opportunities and to look around at the beautiful palace of fine arts, the golden gate bridge and to look over at Alcatraz.
-Once we was at Sausalito we locked the bikes up and had a wonder around the beautiful sunny town before hopping on a ferry and heading back to San Francisco. On the ferry we even saw a sea lion jumping in and out of the sea following the boat
-Once we got back we went to Bubba Gump for dinner and I can honestly say it was the best meal I had out of all of them for the whole time in America. It tasted amazing and we both got a Mountain Dew Icee and got to keep the light up souvenir glasses!!

Day 3 (15th Aug)- 
-We woke up and headed down to the Ferry to do our booked trip to Alcatraz (if you wanted to do this it has to be booked well in advance and I definitely would recommend it as it is definitely worth seeing), we walked around the island and did the audio tour. It was really interesting and 100% worth the visit and seeing.
-After getting back we walked all the way to the main city (again a long walk- longer than we thought  with a lot of steps!!) but we saw some amazing views on the way so it was worth it. Once we got to the city I soon realised I preferred the Wharf area, but we got a Jack in the Box for lunch and looked round a few shops.
-On the way back we got an Uber to Lombard street and actually drove down it in the car then got dropped off at the bottom to take some photos.

Day 4 (16th Aug)-
-We got the Amtrak to South Lake Tahoe
-Continued in my next post..............

Fisherman's Wharf

Beautiful Scenery with Alcatraz on the right hand side

Pier 39

The palace of fine arts

Golden Gate bridge

Bubba Gump!!


Lamboard Street

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