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South Lake Tahoe 2017 USA Trip Stop 2

We stayed in South Lake Tahoe for 2 nights, we were a short walk away from both the beach and the town!! I would love to go back again in summer but it would be amazing to see it during the winter as well.

Day 4 (16th Aug)-
-We got the Amtrak to South Lake Tahoe in the morning from San Fran and looked out at the breathtaking views on the long journey. Once we arrived we checked into our hotel and got settled in the room.
-Quickly we went out for lunch as we both hadn't eaten anything all day and had the most amazing pizza!!
-After lunch we walked around the town looking in a few shops and supermarkets (the best things in america!!)
-Then we started hiking up a mountain, crossing the state line over to Arizona and seeing some breath-taking views to find a waterfall. The views of the lake were amazing and seeing all of the beautiful scenery!! I didn't realise pine cones could grow that big.
-On the way back to the hotel we treat ourselves to ice cream cookie sandwiches which were amazingly delicious!!

Day 5 (17th Aug)-
-After waking up and grabbing some breakfast in the hotel we made our way to the beach/lake, once we got there you had to pay but luckily our hotel had free access. We set up our towels and laid down looking across the beautiful scenery of the glistening lake water.
-We stayed here all day enjoying the sun and getting a tan!
-Throughout the day we just chilled laying down and going for swims.
-It was quite nice to have a relaxing day today after the traveling and jet lag still on us.

Day 6 (18th Aug)-
-Today we were leaving lake Tahoe so we got up early and checked out of our hotel but left our luggage there.
-We went across to the town to grab some snacks for the journey and last minute souvenirs before popping back to the hotel, grabbing our luggage and making our way to the bus station and getting on our bus to a little town near the Yosemite.
-Continued in the next post..........

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