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Yosemite 2017 USA trip stop 3

We stayed in a little town near Yosemite for 2 nights. As we could then do a return coach trip.

Day 6 (18th Aug)-
-Once leaving South Lake Tahoe we got to the town around 9 o'clock at night so we got an uber to take us to the hotel. This was one of my absolute favourite hotels we stayed in, it was a courtyard by Marriott and was huge! And so gorgeous! So that night once getting to the hotel we just settled and went to bed.

Day 7 (19th Aug)-
-We were up early this morning to catch the coach to the Yosemite that we had booked, the ride was only a few hours and the views were amazing!!
-We walked around a lot and climbed up loads of rocks towards a waterfall
-All of the views were stunning and just didn't look real and even saw wild deer!!
-We had lunch in the Yosemite and grabbed some souvenirs before heading back on the coach.
-By the time we got back I can safely say we were both shattered but very hungry! Lucky the hotel bar served food until late so we had a really nice meal before heading to bed and resting.

Day 8 (20th Aug)-
-We had a super early bus to catch this day at 7am and it would take us to Santa Cruz with a stop in the middle and would take a total of around 6 hours.
-So we got up super early and checked out before grabbing a taxi to the station and jumping on the bus.
-Continued in the next post........

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