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Santa Cruz 2017 USA trip stop 4

In Santa Cruz we stayed a 5-10 min walk from the Pier for 2 nights.

Day 8 (20th Aug)-
-After traveling on a bus for around 6 hours with swapping in-between  we finally made it to Santa Cruz, and understandably we were exhausted. When planning our trip we assumed we would be so excited so wouldn't get tired especially if we were just sitting on a bus but we were very wrong!! Traveling is exhausting and even though it is amazing and to see so many places on route it is still important to relax as well as cram in as much fun as you can.
-So for that afternoon when getting there around 3/4pm we had a nap even though we thought we were just going to watch a bit of TV for half an hour oops!!
-In the evening it was still light luckily! We walked down to the broad walk  and had a wonder stopping for some food in between playing in the arcades!

Day 9 (21st Aug)-
-We woke up early and decided to go and see the Redwood trees like we had planned! Unfortunately the train wasn't running until later so we hoped into an uber and made our way there. At this specific park they still had a running steam train which took you up and around the trees so of course we jumped on!
-The train tour was amazing and beautiful and there was even a couple getting married once we reached the top of the track and had a quick break and look around!!
-After we went on some walking trails and even went inside a tree! The one where people had even once lived! They were absolutely huge and it was really surreal!
-When getting back we went back down to the broad walk  and played a competitive game of mini golf as well as more arcade games and eating lots of yummy food.
-In the evening we watched the sun set on the beach and it was so magical I just loved it we also walked along the pier and went in a few little shops and watched the seal lions making lots of noise at the end!!

Day 10 (22nd Aug)-
-Today we were leaving to head towards Monterey, we did have a bus booked for a small price but we had an uber offer, and since it meant we got to have another couple of hours in bed and one more chance to go to see the beach of course we did it!
-After waking up we checked out of our hotel and asked to leave our luggage with them we then made our way down to Santa Cruz beach for the last time and relaxed whilst watching the amazing waves.
-After a while we headed back to the hotel and got an uber to go to Monterey!!
-Continued in next post...........

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