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For our start in LA we stayed near venice beach for 3 nights, enjoying the beach, sun and sights!

Day 12 (24th Aug)-
-Today was a very early start (around 2am if I remember right?) we got an uber from the hotel to Monterey airport and got ready to take our next travel to LA.
-We had a wait in the smallest airport I had ever seen in Monterey! Before taking our flight to LAX, with a stop and swap of planes in San Diego.
-After a long morning we finally arrived at LAX and jumped in an uber to our AirBnB. We met with our host and she was lovely! We had our own mini house at the bottom of her garden and it was beautiful and so cosy! We had a little kitchen, toilet and bedroom, she gave us lots of advice for where to go and where to eat!
-We chilled for a bit and got settled in before deciding to go shopping in a near by outlet. Ant had never been to America so didn't know how good the shopping outlets were but I have and I absolutely love them and wanted to make sure we could get to one! We got an uber there and had a look round the shops and bought some bits to take home! Across the road there was also a Target and Walmart and for any english person going to America for some reason Walmart is the best place ever!!
-We bought lots of snacks and goodies in Walmart, one because we were staying in Santa Monica for a few nights so wanted to grab some food and the other cause we both got bit over excited seeing all the food we can't get in the UK (iced sugar cookies!!!!!!)
-Once we got back it was quite late so we ordered a pizza from the place our host had recommend and had a really nice and chilled evening.

Day13 (25th Aug)-
-This morning we grabbed some snacks from what we bought from Walmart and headed to Venice Beach! We walked along the pier and around the area towards the skate park along the beach.
-We walked up to the skate area we had wanted to see and it was so good, seeing just normal people doing something they love and being so good at it! Even the little ones which were only 6 years old! 
-We took some pictures on the beach, I bought some fresh fruit , Ant had a climb on the rope at the muscle beach (smashed it!) we then played some table football in the pier's arcade!

Day 14 (26th Aug)-
-Today we woke up and went back down to the beach early, and headed toward the skate park end. We went to a shop where I rented some roller skates and Ant rented a long board! It was the perfect time aswell as it wasn't too busy but beautiful weather while we spent the morning going alongside of the beach. We captured some pics and had lots of fun before handing them back in! On the way back we walked towards the centre again to find something to eat! We found the amazing shopping and food centre which had such a good vibe! We were very hungry so went into a steak and shake for the first time and it tasted amazing! We both got a foot long hot dog each with chips and drinks and we demolished the lot (Deffo recommended!)
-After that we popped in a few shops that we don't see much at home and I got a holdall bag which I had been needing to get!
-It was quite late now so we went back to the pier for the last time to see it in the dark with all the light and enjoyed it for the last time and all the games, fun and music before heading back to the AirBnB to pack for the morning.

Day 15 (27th Aug)- 
-This morning we got up, finished packing and got an uber to our next stop- Beverly Hills!!
-Continued in next post...............

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