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We stayed in Anaheim for 3 nights in a little hotel a 15 min drive away from disney! Where we spent all the time whilst here! This was on the top of my list for the places I was most excited to go to and we had the most amazing time there!!

Day 20 (1st Sept)-
-This morning we woke up, checked out and left the ship and made our way to Anaheim and that meant DISNEY!!
-We got to our hotel and got checked in and settled, I wanted to make the most out of disney so we decided to make our way there to down the downtown shopping area and the huge disney store I was so excited to see go into!!
-We bought lots of goodies and treats and of course my favourite mickey shaped chocolate and M&M's covered rice crispy treats!
-We ate at the Rainforest Cafe which is one of my favourites! And had a really nice day in the boiling sun wandering around and buying a few things for ourselves and presents!
-We got an early night as we wanted to be up super early and make the most of the day in the park tomorrow.

Day 21 (2nd Sept)-
-Today we woke up and got ready super early and made our way back to Disney and went to the Disneyland Park! When we walked in I was overwhelmed and bought some minnie ears straight away! I loved looking at the castles and meeting the characters!
-We decided to eat breakfast at Minnies Plaza Inn, I had eaten buffet character breakfasts in Disney in Florida and they were amazing and even though quite pricey they were worth the money! The food was delicious and it really started our morning magically as we met so many characters! I loved the whole atmosphere as I tucked into my mickey waffles!
-We went on so many rides and really made the most out of the day, doing as much as we could and watching all of the parades!
-In the evening I was so excited to see the firework display but while waiting I started to feel really ill but nothing could make me miss it! Luckily I was ok after a couple of hours and a rest while waiting and sipping on water to enjoy the magical display.
-It was a late night and crazy day but it just made us even more excited for tomorrow! We got back and got ready for bed after setting our alarms for the next day of disney!

Day 22 (3rd Sept)-
-Today was our last day in Disney and although I felt sad because of that it didn't stop the excitement taking over!! We got to the California Adventure Park as soon as the gates opened and qued for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride! It was the best ride we have ever been on and I loved every second! And we did proceed to go on it another 3 times throughout the day..........
-Today we enjoyed the amazing views and again met all the characters we could and went on so many rides! We enjoyed mickey ice creams and bought the last of our souvenirs here!
-The colour water show was amazing in the evening and we managed to get a really good view! 
-When leaving I felt so sad but because we had the most amazing 3 days couldn't stop smiling and definitely can't wait to go back!

Day 23 (4th Sept)-
-We had an early wake up this morning and a long day ahead as we checked out and made our way to the bus for our long drive to Las Vegas!
-Continued in next post..............

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