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We stayed in Beverly Hills for just 1 night. In an AirBnB about a 10 minute walk from Rodeo Drive!

Day 15 (27th Aug)- 
-This morning we got up, finished packing and got an uber to our next stop- Beverly Hills!!
-Once we arrived we got all of out stuff sorted and downloaded the directions to rodeo drive on our phones.
-We walked down to Rodeo Drive and looked around at the fabulous shops and amazing cars driving around. There were palm trees everywhere and the sun was shining bright! Making me feel just like I was on the set on Pretty Woman- especially after finding the Beverly Wilshire hotel!
-We then went to find the famous Beverly Hills sign and we captured some snaps before heading to a Sprinkle ATM that I was so excited to see! 
-We both got a cupcake from the Sprinkle cupcake ATM and they tasted beautiful!
-We then took quite a walk enjoying the sun to get to the LA County Museum Of Art as I really wanted to see the very instagramable lamp posts piece.
-After looking at some of the amazing pieces we jumped in an uber and headed to The Grove shopping centre. It was a lot smaller than what I had expected but we had a wonder around and looked in a few shops but it was really really beautiful with palm trees and water fountains everywhere.
-We chose to eat dinner there and went to The Cheesecake factory! Neither of us had been before but had wanted to so we were both very excited! The food was insane but we definitely couldn't finish no matter how much I wanted to!
-After our busy day we went back to where we were staying for the night around 11pm and got some sleep.

Day 16 (28th Aug)-
-Today we were leaving Beverly Hills and making our way to Hollywood! We called an uber and made our way to the next place we were staying.
-Continued in next post........................

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