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Big post today!!!!
We stayed in Hollywood for 2 nights in an AirBnB right in the centre about a 10 min walk away from the Walk of Fame. We wanted to be close to everything but a short enough drive away from Universal! I loved the view from our bedroom as we could see the Hollywood sign from it!

Day 16 (28th Aug)-
-Today we were leaving Beverly Hills and making our way to Hollywood! We called an uber and made our way to the next place we were staying.
-Once arriving at the new AirBnB in Hollywood we were early and the previous guests hadn't checked out yet so we were kindly allowed to drop off our bags before we started our crazy and busy day in Hollywood!
-We started with the Walk of Fame, taking pictures as we walked along and popping into a few souvenir shops! For lunch we went into the Hard Rock Cafe and treated ourselves to some amazing food!
-After lunch we took an Uber to Melrose Avenue as I wanted to walk around and find all the amazing street art! We took lots of photos infront of angel wings, the famous pink wall and of course made in LA wall. It was just so surreal as I have always seen photos taken in these places but I couldn't believe I was there! It was a lot of fun taking a few pics and going into shops and cute cafes.
-It was now the early afternoon so we got another uber to go to the Griffith Observatory! The actual observatory was unfortunately shut but we still got to see the city from an amazing view and got a great look at the Hollywood sign!
-We walked down the trail from the observatory taking in the amazing scenery as we did! Once we reached the bottom we realised we didn't know how to get closer to the Hollywood sign so managed to find somewhere with wifi and made our way to Lake Hollywood Park! It was just as the sun was setting so seeing the Hollywood sign so close and in the amazing light was beautiful and such a big dream of mine! We of course took lots of photos and took in the views and scenery before walking down to a small park area below the sign. But Ant soon saw a sign saying 'Caution Rattle Snakes' so I can safely say we didn't leave long after! It was getting late but we both knew there was one more thing we had been really wanting to do!
-So we decided to do it and got an uber into the city and to the skyspakce building! We booked our tickets to go up and of course did the outside the building skyslide! It was so much fun but unfortunately we couldn't take any photos! But the experience was crazy! The views from up there were incredible and the just the best way to end an amazing day! It was a gorgeous building which also had an amazing vibe with music and I am so glad we did it at night!
-By the time we finished it was just after 11pm but we hadn't actually eaten a lot since the hard rock! So we checked online to see if there was anything still open but of course we found exactly what was perfect!
-We found an IHOP! my absolute favourite! And we had a really good meal and pigged out with crazy amounts of delicious pancakes!
-When we got back we got ready and went to bed after the longest but most jammed packed day yet and it was only going to get more exciting tomorrow!

Day 17 (29th Aug)-
-Today it was time for Universal! I had been so so excited about this the whole trip! I have been to the one in Florida and absolutely loved it so I couldn't wait to experience this one and for Ant to be able to experience it too!
-Even after a busy day yesterday we got up super early to make sure we could make the most of the day there! 
-We had the best day doing all the rides and of course eating lots of food and meeting loads of characters!
-After we went along the city walk to enjoy more fun and grabbed some food from a Taco Bell! And went to get some frozen yoghurt for desert!

Day 18 (30th Aug)-
-Today we were leaving Hollywood but before checking out I kept wanting to go to see the Morphe store so Ant said we should go in the morning and I certainly didn't let him think about it! We got an uber there and I was soon in makeup heaven! I bought a palette for myself and some presents for others before heading back and checking out.
-We called our last uber in Hollywood and said goodbye to the amazing attractions as we made our way to Long Beach!
-Continued in next post...........


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