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We stayed in Las Vegas for just 2 nights as we mainly visited here to do a trip to do the Grand Canyon as neither of us could get the full Vegas experience as we were both under the age of 21!
Our hotel was absolutely amazing and we upgraded to a huge room with a jacuzzi! We had the most amazing time and just wish we had stayed longer!

Day 23 (4th Sept)-
-We had an early wake up this morning and a long day ahead as we checked out and made our way to the bus for our long drive to Las Vegas!
-Once we arrived in Las Vegas we went straight to our hotel to check in and wow it was beautiful! They even offered us to upgrade which of course we did! And when we walked into our room we were bit taken back it was the size of a small apartment on the top floor of the building with the most amazing view and a huge jacuzzi bath! We were so so happy and enjoyed the luxury!
-After we settled in we decided to explore the hotel and go to the near by premium outlet!
-We did lots of shopping and got some beautiful things and decided to go for a night time swim when we got back!
-The hotel pool was huge and we had so much fun experiencing the calm and amazing luxury of it!
-When we went back to the room I tried out the warm and bubbly jacuzzi and we ordered a huge pizza!
-When it came I was so so happy and couldn't wait to tuck in!
-We got ready for bed and for the early morning we would have tomorrow!

Day 24 (5th Sept)-
-We woke up super early this morning to catch our coach trip to the Grand Canyon! breakfast and lunch was included on route but it was still a very long 9 hour ride!
-But wow was it worth it! The views were amazing and completely breath taking! We also drove to a few different view points which was good so we got to see it from different angels!
-Ant did scare me though when he started to sit right on the edge of one of the cliff's!
-There was a lovely little shop and ice cream point which we enjoyed! We also bought some souvenirs before making our way back to Las Vegas
-Once we got back it was really late so we bought some food from the hotel shop and then went to bed.

Day 25 (6th Sept)-
-This morning we enjoyed the room and the view for the last time before getting our stuff together and checking out of the hotel. Luckily they let us leave our cases there as we didn't have a flight until the evening but wanted to explore Las Vegas!
-We made our way to the centre and went around all the hotels but it was absolutely boiling and hard to walk between them all! But I loved the sun shining as we took in the surroundings!
-We also went to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and got some pics as well as enjoying some coke in the coca cola shop!
-By the time we looked around everything we wanted most of the day had gone so we made our way back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and headed for the airport!
-We jumped on the plane after having to sort out ants case as I may have overpacked and caused his case to be overweight!!
-Continued in next post.................

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