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Its the final post for our USA trip as sadly New York was our final stop before we went home and reunited with our families!
We stayed in New York for 4 nights in an AirBnB in New Jersey, we were a 2 minute walk to a bus that took us straight to times square and a 2 minute walk to a beautiful sky line view of Manhattan. We really enjoyed our last few days but was so sad to leave California!

Day 25 (6th Sept)-
-This morning we enjoyed the room and the view for the last time before getting our stuff together and checking out of the hotel. Luckily they let us leave our cases there as we didn't have a flight until the evening but wanted to explore Las Vegas!
-We made our way to the centre and went around all the hotels but it was absolutely boiling and hard to walk between them all! But I loved the sun shining as we took in the surroundings!
-We also went to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and got some pics as well as enjoying some coke in the coca cola shop!
-By the time we looked around everything we wanted most of the day had gone so we made our way back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and headed for the airport!
-We jumped on the plane after having to sort out Ants case as I may have overpacked and caused his case to be overweight!!

Day 26 (7th Sept)-
-It was an overnight flight and with the time difference we landed in New York in the morning and jumped in an uber to head towards our booked airbnb
-Once we arrived we were both completely shattered so had what ended up being a very long nap and didn't wake up until the afternoon
-We finally got up and freshened up and made our way to times square! 
-We had a walk around and went to apple bees for some dinner as we hadn't really eaten all day.
-The M&M's store was obviously a must and we took in all the beautiful sights at night before heading back
-When we got off the bus back in New Jersey we could see the amazing skyline all lit up at night and the moon reflecting on the river, it was beautiful and an amazing view!!

Day 27 (8th Sept)-
-Today we woke up and had a little lay in as we were jet lagged and knew we had a few days in New York so could chill bit more and take things slower.
-We made our way over to Manhattan and our first stop was the Carlos Bakery Bake Shop where we enjoyed some yummy treats!!
-We walked around Manhattan and booked to go to the top of the rock that evening at 6pm!
-We went in a few shops, wondered around central park and made our way to grand central station!
-By the time we made our way back to Times square area we grabbed some dinner in TGI's and then went to the Rockefeller centre!
-It was still light when we got up there but it was very busy! We managed to get a good place and stayed there to watch the sunset and then see the city of Manhattan light up! It was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it! But it did get very chilly once the sun started to go down!
-Once we finished we made our way back over to New Jersey to get some sleep to enjoy our last few days.

Day 28 (9th Sept)-
-Today we spent the morning sorting out a lot of our stuff to go home as I knew we were very overweight in our cases so we had to see what we could get rid of and how much more we could potentially buy.
-Towards the afternoon we made our way to Times Square and look around a few shops before jumping on the subway to go to the New York Mets Baseball game!
-We had the most amazing and fun evening and even got free tops and blankets which we were both so happy about!
-We really enjoyed ourselves and was probably one of our best and favourite memories of New York!
-The Mets won which made the atmosphere even better!! It was just so nice to be there and experience with their supporting fans while of course we ate hot dogs and got snacks!

Day 29 (10th Sept)-
-Today was our last day we would be able to go to Manhattan so we got up early and grabbed an ICEE admiring the skyline and taking a few photos before jumping on the bus and making our way to times square for the last time.
-We took everything in and made sure we went everywhere we wanted to before making our way up the empire state building to see more amazing and stunning views!!
-We spent quite a lot of time up the empire state building, making the the most of it and taking lots of photos and just enjoying ourselves!
-We treated ourselves to our last Hard Rock Cafe in the USA and ate all the delicious food!!
-We made our way around Macy's and of course the disney store aswell as Sephora and made sure we had all of the souvenirs we wanted and presents to take home!
-When we got back to the AirBnB we got ready for the next day making sure we had everything and everything was packed up for the next day!

Day 30 (11th Sept)-
-Today we woke up and our flight was that evening but we needed to be checked out of the AirBnB by 12pm so we took our cases downstairs where they let us leave them and we jumped in a taxi to the real Carlos Bakery! I was so so excited and it was amazing to see and be somewhere I had always wanted to go as I had always watched the show on TV. We got some tasty treats and enjoyed our last morning.
-Once we got back to the AirBnB we picked up our bags and made our way to the airport we were very early but as we didn't have enough time to do much else we decided it was the best thing to do!
-After a long wait and a few naps in the airport we got on the plane and said a sad goodbye to the beautiful USA that had been my home for the last 3 months and Ants for the last month.
-But it wasn't all sad as I was very excited to see my family and actually surprise them! As I had told them all except my dad that I was flying home the day after so Ants mum picked us up from the airport and then dropped me home so I could surprise my mum which was the best feeling in the world, to be able to hug and be able to surprise her after 3 months and it has to be said she was very very shocked as was my brother Jack who was 5 and I surprised him by picking him up from school!!

The trip was so so amazing and I honestly can't believe how much me and Ant actually did and how many places we have been to and seen! Thank you for making it amazing Antony! We really did smash it and I don't think we could have fitted anything else in if we tried! 
Till the next adventure we take together!!......................

Thank you all for reading the posts I have written about our trip and I hope you have all enjoyed hearing about our journey!
I have also uploaded different photos to my instagram so please do give that a follow to keep up to date :) @charley418

Make sure you check back very soon!! As there may be a video coming showing a quick look overview the month full of adventure and fun!!

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